Hello, world!

I’m Kirak Kim.

I’m a MS student at Music and Audio Computing Lab, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

My research interests lie in the integration of the metaverse and artificial intelligence.

I’m currently working on developing an audio-to-motion model and applying it to virtual environments.

I love pop music including K-pop. And I enjoy cycling and whiskey ;-)


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST),  MS Student in Metaverse Program, Supervisor: Juhan Nam, 2023-Present

Sogang University, Department of Art & Technology, Master’s Candidate of Arts and Science, Supervisor: Moonryul Jung, 2021-2023

Yonsei University, School of Integrated Technology, Bachelor’s Degree, 2018-2021


AR/VR Development (Unity, C#, Wwise)

Deep Learning (PyTorch)

Making music ;-)


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Art Projects

The Pieces of Conversation 대화의 조각, by Team DIMO, October 14-15 2023

To Sea To Write, September 5-27 2023, The CAVE Seoul, w/ Daye Kim, Jooeun Lim

Marbling: The Inner Way, September 1-3 2023, Gallery Giotta, w/ Hyeyeon Lee, Hangyeol Jo

To Sea To Write, December 16-17 2022, Jongno art B Project Gallery, w/ Daye Kim, Jooeun Lim

Metaroom, 2022 Metaverse Expo, w/ Yoonah Song

나는나는너 I=I=YOU by Tera e inferno, July 30 - August 2 2021, participated as an actor