"I woke up one morning to find myself possessed by a person named Jang Kim in the year 2072!"

<I=I=YOU> is based on a narrative play set in the year 2072, a time when "analog," "digital," and "hyper-digital" coexist, in conjunction with the exhibition of 'Terra e inferno.' In the year 2072, the setting of the play, the necessity for work decreases as efficiency and productivity are enhanced through the automation of learning and labor. As humans have more leisure time, the state enacts a 'Mandatory Creation Law,' forcing citizens to transmit newly created 'thoughts (emotions, information, ideas, etc.)' once a year to a database called 'Chi-Chi.' As creation becomes mandatory, people become more sensitive, leading to a national increase in depression and neurosis. In this context, Jang Kim is a therapist in the "hyper-digital" age, healing citizens suffering from neurosis in an analog manner. His gender, age, and race are unknown. The roles of the two actors are Jang Kim 1 and Jang Kim 2, respectively, and the audience members become Jang Kim 3, 4, 5.

<I=I=YOU> intends to depict the confusion of boundaries concerning personal information and others in the database through the main character, who is forced into creativity, suggesting that 'narcissism' involves a process of 'othering' even when loving oneself.

Organizer: Terra e inferno

Actors: Kirak Kim, Yurim In

Script, Concept: Shinji Kim Art, Planning: Hada Jang

Collaboration: Post Territory Ujeongguk