«Marbling: The inner way»

- Exhibition. Friday, September 1 - Sunday, September 3, 2023.

- Location: Gallery Giotta

- Artist and Director: Hyeyeon Lee(@yeonhhl), Hangyeol Jo(@matthew_han_kor)

- Technical Artist and Developer: Kirak Kim(@joyrises)

- Poster and Pamphlet:  Hyeyeon Lee

- Preface and Management: Hangyeol Jo

- Exhibition Cooperation: Gallery Giotta

- Support:  Arts Council Korea(@arkokorea),  Art and Technology Convergence Support Grant Program(ART&TECH)(@arko.artntech)

* This project is supported by "2023 Art and Technology Convergence Support Grant Program"

What are the emotions and memories that we come up with in the midst of coincidence and irregularity? What unconsciousness and moments are triggered prior to a particular purpose of representation?

The <Marbling: Inner Way> project was launched to explore how the coincidence and improvisation of the marbling technique, which utilizes water and oil that do not mix, bring out our inner world. Marbling's simple way of playing, which could be enjoyed even in childhood art class, made it easier for us to immerse and approach our emotions and memories. The two artists constructed a virtual space of objects and 360-degree panoramic videos that developed the unconscious captured through marbling and allowed the memory to be felt with embodied physical objects.

Participants face the inner world of artists in the exhibition hall with a smartphone with location recognition-based AR (Augmented Reality) technology produced by a technical artist in their hands. The paths that participants moved are stored in the app. And when  participants approach the work, the core colors of each work are collected in digital colors, so  participants can try digitized marbling based on fluid simulation through their smartphone. Just as artists visited their inner world through marbling, participants find their way through unconscious routes and times walking through the exhibition hall while meeting works and capturing them with marbling.

Through this experimental work, we would like to try to make a new relationship between the artist and the participant by expanding the aesthetic characteristics of marbling that anyone can easily try based on the convergence of art and technology.