Many people leave written messages containing their feelings or wishes in specific places, like love padlocks, wish-making trees, or yellow ribbons in memorial spaces. These written thoughts hold significance for individuals but are discarded and forgotten over time.

"To Sea To Write" aims to transform this act of leaving written notes into a digital interaction, allowing for their semi-permanent preservation and viewing. When the AR camera is turned on, the visible virtual space is a parallel world matched with a real-life location. This space is filled with water everywhere, and all this water flows into a VR deep sea. Hence, messages sent adrift in the virtual water reach the virtual ocean, the VR deep sea. The VR deep sea is accessible anytime, anywhere, by wearing an HMD. Users can leisurely swim in the VR deep sea, stop at their desired locations, and like treasure hunting, find glass bottles containing messages and read the notes inside.

"To Sea To Write" is an industry-academic collaboration project with d'strict.

Roles: Co-planning, AR and VR development.